Many of us would benefit from some fresh air and a break from our daily routines. Why not take a holiday and spend some time outdoors? The Gold Coast is home to many fascinating and captivating natural attractions.

You’re at a loss for where to begin? Try out a few of these places on your next holiday.

Taking the TreeTop Challenge at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Now that you have tackled the water sports, why not explore the land whilst you’re here?

The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular tourist destination in and of itself. On the other hand, a visit here will not only entertain you but will also educate you. For over 70 years, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has been conserving native wildlife and nurturing the local indigenous heritage. With the sanctuary’s selection of shows and encounters, you will better understand the animals and their well-being.

While you’re there, don’t miss the Aboriginal Culture Show, Aussie Scales & Tails, Blinky Bill’s Rookie Ranger Station, Lorikeet Feeding, Pelican & Eel Show, and WildSkies. Breakfast with Koalas, a Behind the Scenes Tour, and the TreeTop Challenge are also available.

The high-octane adventure includes 80 massive TreeTop Challenges. This package contains 11 insane ziplines. Before beginning the course, participants will undergo a briefing. Wear comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes. Also, try to finish the courses. The TreeTop Challenge will take you about 3.5 hours to complete.

Bushwalking at Tarrabora Reserve

Tarrabora Reserve, located on Currumbin Creek in Palm Beach, is a popular natural parkland. Because of its beautiful scenery, the reserve has become a popular destination for both locals and visitors. It’s a lovely spot for picnics, swimming, and bushwalking.

You’ll see some common native plants as you walk through Tarrabora Reserve’s forests, such as coastal banksia (Banksia integrifolia), coastal hibiscus (Hibiscus tiliaceous), macaranga (Macaranaga denarius), swamp oak (Casuarina glauca), and tuckeroo (Cupaniopsis anacardioides). The vegetation changes to marine as you walk through the estuary and the Beree Badalla boardwalk, with species such as grey mangrove (Avicennia marina), mangrove fern (Acrostichum speciosum), and marine couch (Sporobolus virginicus). Many aquatic animals, including crabs, fish, and prawns, use these mangroves for feeding, spawning, and nursery purposes.

At high tide, you might be able to see juvenile fish at the base of the mangroves if you look into the water. Mangroves provide food and shelter for small mammals, birds, flying foxes, and reptiles above the water.

Exploring David Fleay Wildlife Park

The David Fleay Wildlife Park focuses on Queensland native species, especially endangered or difficult to see in the wild. It includes iconic Australian animals such as emus, kangaroos, koalas, and platypus. The David Fleay Wildlife Park has daily shows where you can learn more about these fantastic animals and their environment.

If you have the chance to meet the park’s dedicated Rangers, you can approach them, hear their stories, and learn how to care for the wildlife. Aside from that, you are free to explore the park on your own. 

Keep an eye out for the extensive network of boardwalks in the area. If you do, you will see plenty of wildlife, including dingoes, koalas, pademelons, and rock wallabies. As you walk along the boardwalks, you may come across different natural habitats and pathways, such as a rainforest or a tall eucalyptus forest setting.

You might come across the endangered Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo in that area. They frequently rest in the forks of branches, so keep an eye out for them. There is also a wide range of Australian birds, including emus, brolgas, lorikeets, and wedge-tailed eagles.

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